Our 2nd Project :

RaloCus !!

The Life story of a caveman and a baby pterosaurs ralocus_bar3 1. Character business purpose planning for especially mobile and SNS

2. Shorts Animations(1-2 Minutes) Production

3. To show the Slow Life to busy modern person (middle and high school students, college students, and office workers) the primitive life through this Webcomic.

4. PPL(Product Placement) business using curious primitive characters ‘Ralo&Cus’


_ Webcomic Link : https://tapas.io/series/RaloCus

_ Characters :



_ Concept Designs rc_concept1   _ RaloCus Sample Images rc_1

_ Art Works!

h-1 h-3 h-2 h-5 h-4







RaloCus Art Toy x Hands



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